Welcome to Software

LabelLogic Live is our groundbreaking cloud based label printing application, developed to meet the ever changing needs of modern foodservice operators.

It is the cornerstone of our labeling solution, enabling customers to print professional label content onto our high quality labels and then apply them to our compostable packaging to create a first class “grab and go” presentation.

Flexible, intuitive, updateable and easy to use, LabelLogic Live is a completely web based application. It can be accessed immediately from ANY device that is connected to the internet. This means no more waiting for IT to install your software and no more sheet allocation.

Just open your web browser and you’re away – anywhere and anytime of the day!

The Benefits

Enhance the brand image of your “grab and go” offer
Increase sales of “grab and go” products
Print with your existing printer
Communicate essential messaging
Free on loan for clients purchasing Planglow USA labels

The Features

• Compatible with all internet connected devices
• Design, edit and add fields to your label templates
• Label fields include: logo, barcodes, ingredients, allergens, price, nutritional information,
weight, calories, selling features and expiration dates, plus many more
• Legislative labeling standards are updated in LabelLogic Live automatically
• Imbedded “Recipe Builder” pulls data from 8,000 foods in the USDA database allowing
LabelLogic Live to calculate proper nutritional values
• Hosted on Amazon’s leading cloud infrastructure, ensures your data is secure and
always accessible

Multiple Site Access

For large groups with multiple sites, head office can create and control a master database that everyone can access. Any changes to the database will be instant; this guarantees substantial cost and time savings, and ensures standardization and compliance across the whole business. The data can also be copied and adapted by each individual site to allow for local price changes or additional products, whilst restricting other elements such as the template design, if required.


Planglow USA offers full software support free of charge, services include: instant chat, helpful walkthrough guides and YouTube tutorials.