Eco Packaging: Food Boxes, Containers and Cups To-Go

Planglow USA offer a wide range of eco packaging solutions for the grab and go market: sandwich containers including sandwich wedge boxes and wrap packs; salad boxes which can also be used for warm foods offering an environmental alternative to polystyrene clamshell containers; hot food containers; windowed bags - including cookie bags, baguette bags, sandwich and pastry bags; disposable cups, soup containers - also suitable for casseroles, frozen yogurt, ice cream, pasta etc. - and lids. Available in three stock collections, Natural, Gastro and Street Food. Planglow USA also offers a custom packaging and label design service.

Planglow USA’s products are sustainably sourced, 100% biodegradable food boxes and containers that have been created to compliment your choice of labeling to enhance your brand. Well-designed eco packaging that is stylish, cost effective and fit for purpose. All of our food boxes and containers are sustainably sourced and largely made from plant-based compostable materials. Even the bio laminate film in our windowed bags, sandwich wedges, salad and other packs is made from plants. Certified home compostable this awesome material lines products, forms the viewing window and helps to seal in freshness.

To view our eco food containers, cups and boxes - as well as stylish label designs - please feel free to browse our online store.

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