How Can I Dispose of Planglow USA's Compostable Packaging?

We only supply packaging that is made from compostable, plant based materials and never oil based plastics.

Why Compostables?

Packaging which contains traces of food cannot be recycled, neither can packaging made from mixed materials (products such as card wedges with a plastic film would be challenging), whereas compostable packaging and food waste is a perfect combination. We recognize that an ideal solution for the disposal of food to go packaging is an ongoing goal that we are all striving for, and we do not encourage or support littering or landfill disposal of compostable packaging.

Most of our products are home compostable, so should they end up at a customer’s home they can be composted along with the usual garden and vegetable peelings waste. This applies to the following Planglow USA products.

• All film lined packaging (sandwich boxes, salad packs and wrap packs)
• Windowed bags

For more information on composting, anaerobic digestion or organics collection please visit the excellent
findacomposter.com, findorganicshauler.com and findadigester.com
; a free directory of composting, anaerobic digestion sites and organics collection services in the U.S. and Canada, created and managed by BioCycle magazine and sponsored by the Biodegradable Products Institute.